Low Cost Micro Fibre T Shirts

Get “Technical breathable Fabric”

Looking for a great Microfibre T-Shirt for your Running or Triathlon Club? Why not consider a custom logo microfibre T-Shirt.

The Anti-Bacterial Microfibre T-Shirt is perfect for so many sports such as swimming, running, triathlon, and general sports events.

Our custom Microfibre Running T-shirts are made from high-quality “Technical breathable Fabric”, they are perfect for events, schools, teams. 

  • Microfibre “Flatlock” seam stitching
  • Super Side panels for a great-looking T-Shirt.
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-UV, Breathable, Quick-dry, Compression, Moisture Wicking. Are you interested in knowing more about  Microfibre T-Shirts? You can find out more here.
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