Choosing The Best Triathlon Clothing Material

One of the most well asked Qs in getting the best out of what you wear during triathlon is What is the best Triathlon Clothing Material?

Triathlon suits are made from Strong Lightweight fabric -Triathlon shorts and Triathlon vests, are the most popular types of clothing from beginner through to expert Triathlon competitor, with distances from sprint through to Ironman.

What About Triathlon Clothing Sizing

Sizing is down often to the end user: As the Triathlon suit should be made quite well fitting fit its important to get the best fit:

When looking at the best Triathlon Suit fits then consider using a sizing chart

How Long Does A Triathlon Suit Take To Make?

A custom Triathlon suit can take as little as 7-10 days to process, choosing the design is a factor but once this is completed then its a simple process.

What Is The Process For Making Triathlon Suits?

It starts with a design creation, then the approval stage takes place.The Triathlon Suit fabric is marked out then cut to size.From sizing up its then placed and laid out on a table for being made up.

Can you swim in a triathlon suit?

A “Triathlon suit is one choice of performance garment you can certainly wear through the entire triathlon race. The material helps make the suit more comfortable for triathlon swimming. After the swim section, the thin pad dries out very quickly and doesn’t feel like a big, wet diaper on the bike ride.

Do you wear a triathlon suit under a wetsuit?

For the open water swims section, the use of a triathlon wetsuit is usually mandatory, but not always. SO – Under the wetsuit, you would wear the triathlon suit or triathlon type top & shorts

Ready To Enter Your First Triathlon

So you have decided to enter your first Triathlon and now you’re training for your step into the world of Triathlon, we popped a few bits { below } of information to get you started on the right track to success.

Choosing Your Triathlon Clothing 

It can be difficult figuring out just what triathlon clothing and gear you need and it therefore be sometimes a little confusing, if your in a Triathlon Club that really helps.

If you are going to enter a Triathlon then your going to require a Triathlon Suit (Triathlon Suit)

You will find that there’s mostly just two types to consider. Often it can be down to what conditions your Triathlon is going to take its either a one piece or a two piece.

The Triathlon Suit One Piece

If you use a one-piece triathlon suit you will find it integrates the top and bottom together. The pad that supports your bike riding, which can be found in the crotch, is built into it so that it’s a non-moving part of the garment. 

The Triathlon Suit Two-Piece

The very popular Two-piece triathlon suits have separate totally tops and shorts sections and are more practical for hotter areas for training, it is widely known that the while one-piece suits are usually very much saved for racing and transition training.