Triathlon "QUICK DRY, ACTIVE STRETCH," Team Wear

Aerodynamic Performance Triathlon Wetsuit - Triathlon Use Only , 80% Nylon+20% Spandex

Garment Anti-Bacterial, Anti-UV

80% Nylon+20% Spandex

Tri Wear Traceless Leg Opening

General Tri Team Garment Information

Garment Specifications

High Performance Triathlon Garments

Breathable, Plus Size, QUICK DRY, ACTIVE STRETCH, Tri Team

FAQs About Triathlon Clothing And Apparel

Frequently Asked Questions

With our bespoke triathlon garment creation service, its possible to Can you design your own triathlon apparel and team kit.

We use high grade 80% Nylon+20% Spandex to create our custom triathlon team apparel.We use high performance Nylon/spandex.

We can replicate any tri team logo, we use a high performance Nylon/spandex that is dye sublimation printing.

Our custom triathlon suits are available with long and also a short sleeve and sleeveless
Silicone gripper set up.

Our team tri apparel is hard-wearing and colourfast.

We construct a tri- suit with a 3D Pad with Extra Thick Pro Gel, inner seat pad, helps protect the bottom  on long rides!